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Think Social Media Can’t Deliver Leads? Think Again!

A common thing we hear from dealership’s is that social media is not as important as other online sources that provide direct leads. But that is simply not true with our state-of-the-art social media listening tools. In 2015 we are making it easier than ever to find, and get leads, directly from social media with our easy to use marketing dashboard. Take a look at the new layout:

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How does it work?  We find out what customers are looking for on Twitter.  A great example would be you are an Automotive Dealership and we set the listening tool to search for the words; “oil change” and/or “needed.”   Then when a tweet that includes these keywords is posted by a customer in your area, you can be alerted to this opportunity so you can have someone at your dealership invite that user to come in for service.  Another example could be someone tweeting that they were in the market for a new car.  With the right listening tags you could turn that tweet into a lead for your dealership.  Here are a few other features of our unique social media marketing software:


  • This intuitive and detailed layout provides a variety of new statistics to help dealership’s with their social media presence and activity.
  • Social Marketing users will be able to see which customers are interacting with them and from which social network.
  • New potential leads are highlighted, allowing a dealership to chase and pitch new leads immediately.
  • Engage your customers by inserting coupons into your responses within Respond to Customers.
  • Share suggested content.
  • Automate social actions based on triggers.
  • Post directly to the most popular social networks from any easy to use dashboard.




The best part?  We do all the work for you!  We will even monitor the listening tools for you and alert you of any possible leads.  We make sure that your social media presence dominates your market and gives you all the tools necessary to catapult you above your competition.



Interested in seeing how this will work for your dealership?  Contact us today for your free demo!