How can eCarSource help your dealership beyond online merchandising? We are a team of highly trained and process driven car guys who have a passion for improving a dealerships performance and overall customers satisfaction.  Aside from our various On-the-Lot and On_the_Web solutions, we also offer a wide range of vehicle reconditioning services.  Our OdorStrike vehicle odor removal service helps build consumer confidence not only in your dealership, but also in your vehicles.  Is your dealership being proactive to serve consumers who are allergic to smoke and pet dander, or consumers who simply don’t care for either smells?   To most dealerships this subject is an after sale issue that often times isn’t solved correctly and leads to a disappointed customer.  The same can be said for foggy and yellowed headlights or windshield chips.  At eCarSource we offer full service on-site solutions aimed at helping your dealership eliminate the problems listed above.  We GUARANTEE your satisfaction on all of our services or else we simply don’t charge you for them.  We’re dedicated to you and your dealership on improving your customer satisfaction, vehicle eye appeal, increased vehicle sales, and simply anything else we can help your dealership with.


OdorStrike - Odor Removal

At eCarSource we not only help you merchandise your vehicles online properly, we also make sure they're presentable for customers who visit them in person at your dealership. Our OdorStrike product is a must have for any of your pre-owned inventory. There is no bigger turn off to a customer than getting into a vehicle that smells. Whether the terrible smell is from smoke, pets, leftover food particles, or any other unpleasant odor causing agents, OdorStrike has you covered. We're able to neutralize odor causing agents in most vehicles in under 60 minutes. As a car dealership today, your vehicle inventory is not only your most important asset, it's also your most expensive cost. A dealership must rely on the selling of vehicles to generate most of it's annual profits. You've already invested a large amount of money in sourcing the vehicles, reconditioning them to front line ready status, and then lastly displaying them online for potential customers to see. Every Dealership around spends thousands of dollars each and every month to get customers onto their lots for the opportunity to sell them a vehicle. Don't let all that time, countless advertising dollars, and more importantly future service revenue potential, go completely down the drain due to something as minor and preventable such as a vehicle smelling like cigarette smoke! We're able to offer on-site OdorStrike services up to 7 days a week. Let us help your dealership not only ensure you sell more vehicles with our OdorStrike service, but we can also help with any WE-OWES that may arise after the sale as well.


Headlight Restoration

Want to boost the value and desirability of your vehicles that currently have yellow or foggy headlights?

We've got you covered. Don't waste countless dollars by replacing headlights on your saleable vehicles that have yellow or foggy headlights. Instead let us recondition them back to like-new condition. Our headlight restoration service is a unique on-site multistage process that has been carefully created after spending several years on research and development. We GUARANTEE to improve not only the cosmetic appeal of the headlight, but also more importantly the overall functionality of the headlight itself, or we don't charge you for that vehicle. Driving with yellowed or foggy headlights can be extremely dangerous as the headlight is not functioning to its original factory specifications. We're able to offer on-site headlight restoration services up to 7 days a week. Contact us today for more information and pricing on our headlight restoration service.


Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield chips are pretty common and occur for many reasons. Most commonly they occur when a rock or other road debris is kicked up by a vehicle that's in front of your and it hits your windshield causing damage. Windshield cracks are also often the result of chips which are left unrepaired and ultimately grow into a much larger problem. Don't let this be an objection you hear from your customers when trying to sell a vehicle. Let eCarSource provide your dealership with an on-site solution that repairs all of these windshield eye sores your vehicles may have. We're able to offer on-site service up to 7 days a week. Contact us today for more information and pricing on our Windshield Chip Repair service.