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Tips and Tricks: Creating Perfect Posts

Tips and Tricks: Creating Perfect Social Media Posts

Over the last few weeks we have showed you a few tips and tricks to creating videos and responding to reviews. In this post, we are going to give you the tools to curate the perfect social media post that will catapult your dealership to new digital heights.  There are many different ways to create unique content that will get your customers engaged and excited about your dealership! Let’s get started!



Custom Photo Post

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You might think that custom graphics require a great knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator to create posts that really stand out. But with tools like Canva.com you can create a beautiful post without a lot of graphic design knowledge. For example, the post above is a simple christmas graphic (available for free with Canva.com) where Google is used to add the Toyota wreath and the dealership’s logo. This perfect holiday post looks professionally done and will stand out!


These techniques can be used throughout the year with many different subjects. Have a model you want to highlight, add some typography or a background to really make the post pop as well as make it more unique to your dealership.


Video Content


We went over a lot of different kinds of video content in the post “Tips and Tricks:Creating Videos.” Videos are the top performing posts that will really get people excited about your dealership! The best part is that you can get a lot of good content from your franchise page! For example, the above video was taken off of the Ford Youtube page and a slide was added to the beginning and end with your dealership’s information. When we posted this video on our client’s page, we saw an engagement increase of 300%. They also saw an increase in interest in the F-150 in their dealership just by using content provided to them by their franchise.



Blog Posts


Now blog posts might not be as exciting as a custom graphic or video and possibly might not get as many “Likes” as the the previous types of posts. But blogging is still essential to your dealership’s social media success because it shows your customer you know what you are talking about and it answers many of their questions about the vehicle. Check out our post on “Blogging for Your Dealership 101” for some in depth ideas on how to kickstart your dealership’s blog.


Sales and Specials

The main point of having a strong social media presence is to have a solid customer base so they come to you when purchasing or servicing their vehicle. With that in mind, posting sales and specials on your blog will get more of your follower’s attention because they know the sale is “special” because you are not posting about a new one every week.


These are just a few ways to generate content for your dealership. At eCarSource we provide social media services that are unique from the big social media service companies. We create high-quality personalized content for your dealership, unlike the automatic posts the other companies do. We also monitor your social media sites daily so we can deliver content that your customers want to see!